St. Peter's 2014 Thanksgiving

by Vinu Varughese
photos by Arun Samuel

A sprinkle of salt, a dash of pepper, and a spoonful of love. Half-way through the unceremoniously cold month of November, St. Peter’s celebrated its second annual Thanksgiving feast. It might have been a littler Cooking in the Kitchenearlier than usual, but nothing was held back in terms of efforts. A little twist on last year’s successful event, 2014 saw the youth and young adults cooking for and serving the adults of our church. A whole day’s worth of fellowship and dedication culminated in a grand dinner that served all the traditional dishes of Thanksgiving, with just enough of an Indian touch to make it unique. 

The crew lined up early during the day to start cooking. Weeks of planning before the event ensured that everybody had a significant role in the activities, and that every dish prepared would have its own little twist to make this feast unprecedented and unmatched.

Seven surprisingly quick hours later, the table was set: three enormous turkeys, and an assortment of mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, creamed corn, and green beans, all complemented by a plethora of desserts that would make any foodie swoon. The aroma by itself was a feast to behold. It filled the entire church and stayed for hours, making the guests more and more excited with each passing moment. 

After a soulful evening prayer, led by our beloved Achen, people young and old started lining up for food. With the accompaniment of beautiful Christian music in the background, everybody dug in, filling their bellies with food and their hearts with happiness.

More than one hundred people smiled with contentment that night, which by itself was a vehement acknowledgment of the enigmatic and passionate endeavor of the youth and young adults of our church. Hopefully, those smiles are the first of many more to appear, year after year, as we happily cement this as a new tradition of St. Peter’s.